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Women’s breasts are delightful in their variety: large and small, round and pear-shaped, “perky” or relaxed.

But not every woman has breasts that delight her.

Sometimes, nature is less than generous with her gifts, and women are left to contend with breasts that are … not complemented by clothes featuring décolletage. Sometimes, a woman’s breasts develop asymmetrically, with one breast noticeably larger than the other. Or her breasts lose volume after pregnancy, a significant weight loss, or the simple passage of time. Maybe she has experienced a mastectomy or suffered a traumatic injury.

Medical science has stepped in to help women in all these situations with breast augmentation: a surgical procedure that can give a woman attractive, full breasts that look and feel natural, and enhance not only a woman’s silhouette, but also her self-image.

Breast augmentation has been performed for millions of women since the 1960s, enhancing breasts using silicone and saline implants. Breast augmentation is now one of the most commonly performed procedures in cosmetic surgery, and interest in this procedure continues to increase.

Performed by a board-certified surgeon, breast augmentation surgery offers exceptional results, with few surgical and post-operative risks.

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Here, we hope to help you connect with the surgeon who will reshape the way you see yourself, and the image you present to the world. We provide information about the types of surgery, the types and safety of implants, and costs and financing options. We encourage you to browse common questions answered by our surgeons, or read patients’ own accounts of their experiences. You can even keep a record of your own journey with breast augmentation here.

Explore, become educated about the surgery and your implant options, find the surgeon who is right for you, and embark on an exciting new journey with a fresh look and attitude!

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