What is the difference between gm’s and cc’…

What is the difference between gm's and cc's for fill size?

Asked by tanyalb77 in Marion, NY • 5 years ago

Frank J. Ferraro, MD in Ridgewood, NJ

When discussing size with your plastic surgeon focus on the cc volume. It can guide you to achieve your goals with your surgeons help. You may be asked to try on sizers or use computer generated images.

There is essentially now difference. Silicone and saline are both very close to 1 gm per cc .. Some companies include the weight of the implant shell just to confuse things.

Jed Horowitz

Steven S. Carp, MD, FACS in Uniontown, OH

Grams (gm) would not be used for implant size. Volume, cc’s, are how implants are sized.

Frank J. Ferraro, MD in Ridgewood, NJ

Focus on the volume or cc of the implant this will allow you to better achieve your goals. Remember the implants outside the body look larger than when you have a completed breast augmentation. So do not go too small and be too conservative.
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Grams are used to measure weight where as cubic centimeters refers to volume. 1 gram of water takes up 1cc of volume. So a saline breast implant that is 400cc would weigh 400gr not including the weight of the implant shell. Patrick Felice MD

Patrick Felice, MD
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