How long will I be in pain after the surgery?

How long will I be in pain after the surgery?

Asked by 12Ashley71 in Westfield, MA • 5 years ago

Frank J. Ferraro, MD in Ridgewood, NJ

Pain can vary from patient to patient and also with implant size. Remember this is a surgical procedure so you will feel pain. It is however uncomfortable but not excessive pain you will feel. It’s described as a pressure and burning by my patients and lasts about 24 hours. You will receive pain medication to make you comfortable. Lastly, there are trials going on now to study the use of Exparel for three day pain relief which is injected into the breast and muscle while you are sleeping and at the time of the operation. This would “numb” the surgical site for three consecutive days.
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With our 24 hour rapid recovery breast augmentation procedure we find that our patients are recovering and comfortable going back to normal daily activities the very next day after surgery.

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