I have had five children and have lot of left…

I have had five children and have lot of left over tummy. I also have a tattoo on my lower back. Is is possible to have the tummy area removed without altering the tattoo?

Asked by Geo's_Gurl in El Sobrante, CA • 5 years ago

Larry Schlesinger, M.D., F.A.C.S. in Honolulu, HI

The object of a tummy tuck is to remove the excess skin, give a tight youthful appearance to abdominal skin, have a nice looking belly button with minimal to no scarring, and in my practice in Hawaii, we routinely liposuction the area commonly referred to as “love handles” or “muffin tops”.

The liposuction incision scar is approximately 1/4″ and is normally easily hidden in the one of many lines of a tattoo. The determination of whether the abdominoplasty scar will wrap around to the back needs to be made by an experienced Board Certified plastic surgeon, usually during the consultation. However, at times, even the best plastic surgeon may have to make the incision longer than they originally anticipated.

There are several excellent Board Certified plastic surgeons who do a short scar tummy tuck, but I am unimpressed with the quality of these scars. I feel an almost invisible abdominoplasty scar that is kept low and fine is far superior to short scars that are unattractive.

Most back tattoos are centralized, so in answer to your question, most abdominoplasties will not interfere with most mid-back tattoos.

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