Hi, from how old do i need to be before i can…

Hi, from how old do i need to be before i can have a breast aug?

Asked by clarasbig in Kenilworth, IL • 5 years ago

In addition to the answers below, consideration should be given to developmental concerns.
Asymmetry , tuberous breasts, chest wall problems may all qualify as a type of reconstruction for the use of silicone implants.
I , like most surgeons, will wait for patients to be stable in their breast development and it would be very unusual to perform a typical breast augmentation on someone under 18 years old and that is also very young and unusual.

Jed Horowitz

You can perform a breast augmentation on a patient that is over 18 or wit parental consent under the age of 18. Most surgeons, myself included, prefer to wait until the patient has developed fully. Under the age of 22 patients are only eligible for saline implants.

Stephen Greenberg

The FDA requires you be 22 years old or older for silicone breast implants. Saline implants should not be placed until you have stopped developing.

Laura Sudarsky
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