First time here, what is the band/strap that …

First time here, what is the band/strap that everyone talks about wearing after breast implant operation?

Asked by Sweet Amber in Atherton, CA • 5 years ago

Larry Schlesinger, M.D., F.A.C.S. in Honolulu, HI

In my practice in Hawaii, the band we use is actually an ace wrap. It is placed above the implant to help keep the breast implant from riding up out of the lower portion of the dissected breast pocket.

Since I do all my breast augmentations through the armpit, the ace wrap is placed on the patient at the time of surgery, and large pieces of soft gauze, known as ABD’s, are placed over the corner of the pectoralis muscle which is also the front of the armpit. These ace wraps and other bandos tend to dig in to the corner of the pec, and without proper cushioning, could lead to scabs and then unnecessary scars.

These ace wraps are worn anywhere from 3-10 days in order to lock the implant into the pre-operatively determined position. No bra is worn for 30 days so that the implant may correctly seat into the pocket, and with gravity and no bra, it can begin to get a teardrop or natural breast shape. Since all implants rotate, a round implant in this position, no matter how it rotates, is always a correctly positioned teardrop when the upper portion of the implant is being pushed down by the intact portion of the pectoralis muscle.

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