Hi, I have an inverted nipples, it’s congeni…

Hi, I have an inverted nipples, it's congenital, my question is, can a breast augmentation be able to correct them?

Asked by ohSylvia in Harbor City, CA • 5 years ago

Larry Schlesinger, M.D., F.A.C.S. in Honolulu, HI

In my experience, breast augmentations rarely correct inverted nipples. However, inverted nipples can be corrected at the same time as a breast augmentation.

There are several excellent techniques for the correction of inverted nipples used by Board Certified plastic surgeons. In one way or another, some of the ducts to the nipple must be cut or stretched significantly. The real problem is, how does the plastic surgeon keep the tight nipple tissue from pulling the nipple back into its inverted position.

Recently, I have begun using a form of nipple ring which has a straight body with little screws at either end. This is much less complicated, keeps the nipple from re-inverting, and is less painful than most other devices.

David Sayah, M.D., F.A.C.S. in Beverly Hills, CA

Inverted nipples can be repaired as part of a breast augmentation procedure, but the procedure by itself will not cause the nipple to “pop out.” Instead, nipple surgery can be performed to extract the nipple and hold it out until it heals in an outward position. So if you want to correct your inverted nipples, that can be done as a separate procedure or in conjunction with breast augmentation if you also want larger breasts.

Milind K. Ambe, MD in Newport Beach, CA

Thank you for your question. It is possible that breast augmentation can help correct inverted nipples. It is difficult to say for sure without an in office exam of your breasts, but I would be hopeful that correction is possible for you. I would schedule an appointment an appointment for consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performs a lot of breast augmentation to get a definitive answer. Best of luck to you!

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