Hi, I’m very interested in getting breast im…

Hi, I'm very interested in getting breast implants but before that what are the guidelines I need to look at when finding my doctor?

Asked by tympanictiffany in Middleburg, VA • 5 years ago

James H. French, Jr, MD in Annandale, VA

First of all, I believe that the doctor should be board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery. There are multiple boards that have the word “cosmetic” in the name; however, the only recognized board for doing this type of surgery is the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Secondly, one should look for the amount of experience the surgeon has and how often he performs the operation. Also, I think it is important where the operation is performed. That is, is it performed in a hospital or an accredited outpatient surgical facility. It is also helpful to have references from either the prospective patient’s friends or other patients that have been treated by the surgeon. Finally, I think that a comfort level with the surgeon following the initial consultation regarding his philosophy, his plan of approach, and how he and his office address your concerns are all important.

First I would select a board certified plastic surgeon. A good place to start would be the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons website at Then meet with several doctors and look at photos and discuss what kind of results you are looking for and select the one you are comfortable with.
Gary Hall,MD

Gary Hall
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