What will you do if you get a scar from breas…

What will you do if you get a scar from breast augmentation?

Asked by Luckygirl in Bethesda, MD • 5 years ago

James H. French, Jr, MD in Annandale, VA

Every patient who has a breast augmentation will have scars. The scars are either around the nipple areolar complex, near the inframammary crease, or in the armpit. I do not perform the operation in the armpit, or axilla for various reasons. If the scar around the nipple areolar complex or the inframammary position does become unsightly, there are multiple things you can do regarding revision of the scars. However, we try to prevent unsightly scarring by doing certain things at the time of the surgery and during the healing process.

Franklin D. Richards, MD, FACS in Bethesda, MD

Most breast augmentation scars heal extremely well, especially if it is done around the nipple. However, if the scar is unacceptable a scar revision can always be performed. Post operative scar management with topicals and manage can also help to improve the scar aesthetics.

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