What is an ideal fill for breast implants for…

What is an ideal fill for breast implants for each woman’s skin envelope?

Asked by Emilysglow in Washington, DC • 5 years ago

James H. French, Jr, MD in Annandale, VA

There is no certain number that is an “ideal fill” for breast implants for a patient’s skin envelope. The concept is to have a breast implant that is the appropriate size such that the skin envelope is filled out. Sometimes, this is not possible and requires a breast lift or mastopexy. Also, sometimes the skin envelope can be better filled if the implant is placed above the muscle rather than below the muscle. This is typically done in a patient who has a moderate amount of breast tissue and does not want a mastopexy. Again, the amount of the fill or the size of the implant would vary with each patient and the amount of the skin envelope.

Franklin D. Richards, MD, FACS in Bethesda, MD

The manufacturer of breast implants recommends that saline implants be filled at least to the lowest number of the implant range. For example, a 300 – 325cc implant should be filled to at least 300cc. Filling below this level can lead to premature implant rupture. By filling to the lowest number, the implant remains the softest. As you put more and more saline (salt water) in the implant it gets firmer and firmer. Normally we want the implants as soft as possible. To use the above example, if you needed 325cc to reach your desired size we would use the next larger implant (325 – 350cc) and fill it to 325cc rather than using a 300cc and filling it to 325cc.

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