BethCottrell's Dr. Calloway Experience

My tummy looks amazing! I am so happy, thank you Dr Calloway!

4 years ago
Worth It
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

My daughter had absolutely gorgeous breast and tummy surgery by Plastic Surgeon, capsule Dr Daniel Calloway. He fixed the changes in her body after having her 2 children. Unlike her experience, I had similar surgery performed last year at a local prestigious medical center. Despite 2 surgeries, I ended up with bulges, loose skin and an overall ugly look to my tummy. Since my daughter was so happy, I went to see Dr Calloway. He was so sweet and reassuring during my consultation that I had great confidence in his ability to help me.
He explained that correcting previous surgeries could limit the final results I might achieve, but he seemed very confident in his abilities to help me. I underwent a full tummy tuck, reassuring my husband that this would be my last attempt with surgery. I was overjoyed to see that even right after surgery I looked really good. Now that I am healed, my tummy looks amazing! I am so happy, thank you Dr Calloway!

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