Falcone_jimmy's Dr. Calloway Experience

My experience has been perfect

3 years ago
Worth It
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

My first appointment was with Dr. Calloway on March 26. I arrived a few minutes early. They meet with you and take you back right away – no waiting. I discussed having my chest reduced and my muffin top reduced. After going through with him, we figured out I’d be a good candidate. I received a written estimate in less than 10 minutes. I decided to move forward that day. I scheduled my surgery for 4/9 (I could have waited, but decided to go for the earliest appt available). There is no pressure in this office. I met with a pre-op team member and got a run down on what to expect.
He offers in office local anesthesia (much safer than being fully knocked out).
I met with the office on 4/8, the day before surgery. I got the Rxs needed. Again, arrived a couple minutes early and they took me right back.
I arrived the day of surgery, again, taken right back. Surgery was a breeze. I have had no pain, no side effects, and healing is going really well.
For the post-op on 4/10, again, arrived a couple minutes early – taken right back, no waiting.
I arrived on 4/17 to have the 4 small stitches removed. Again, I arrived a couple minutes early and was taken right back. Quick check up on progress, stitches out, and then on my way. Next follow up is in two weeks.
There is never a point where you feel uncomfortable in this office. This is a judgement free zone. Everyone is incredibly kind, professional, and compassionate to your needs. The punctuality is amazing. Dr. Calloway knows what he is doing and gives you all the information you need. The office is available 24/7 – if you have a question or issue, they will help you out. My experience has been perfect, so I haven’t needed to call at all.
If I ever need or want another service, I am definitely going to Dr. Calloway. I hope you will too.

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