CancerSurvivor1970's Dr. Calloway Experience

Dr. Calloway is an incredible surgeon!

3 years ago
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

I came to Dr. Calloway to have repaired-reconstruction after breast cancer.
I knew he was an incredible plastic surgeon by his reputation, and he did a beautiful job for me. However, I had yet to discover what a phenomenal staff he employs! You cannot ask for a more talented and caring group.

My final stage in the process of making me whole again was the permanent makeup to add areola and coloring to my reconstructed nipples. I am so impressed with the results! My breasts look so natural -the coloring and shading is perfect-it brings me to tears! This was a long road for me to feel comfortable in my own skin again and the permanent makeup absolutely changed how I look and feel about my chest.

I cannot thank them enough!

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