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3 years ago
Worth It
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

I recently had a breast augmentation by Dr. Calloway in Ponte Vedra Beach, help Florida. I had 2 children, and had developed droopy deflated breasts that I could not stand anymore! I am a dance instructor, and it was very frustrating not being able to restore my figure with diet and exercise. After consultation with Dr. Calloway, I knew right away that he was the right surgeon for me!
My surgery went great, my recovery was quick and I was back to my workouts and dance instruction after a few weeks. I can’t believe how awesome my breasts are now! I swear it is better than before my kids! I would recommend Dr. Calloway very strongly. He is a great surgeon, has a professional and knowledgeable staff who are very sweet. Overall I had a fantastic experience and I am thrilled with my Breast augmentation results!

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