PS82872's Dr. Calloway Experience

A Dream instead of a nightmare!

3 years ago
Worth It
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

I am writing this about Dr. Calloway because I feel everyone should know what a great doctor he is. Not only because he is a great surgeon, site but also because he genuinely cares about his patients. I had a diagnosis of breast cancer which required me to have a mastectomy. It was traumatizing to me but also to my family. I was devastated about the diagnosis when I was referred to Dr. Calloway to discuss possible breast reconstruction.
When I entered his office, search his staff was extremely helpful and everyone was so nice and professional. Dr. Calloway was very knowledgeable and was also very kind. He reviewed my clinical situation and thoroughly explained the treatment process including all the information that was not shared with me by my other treating physicians. He gave me hope that I could not only recover from the cancer, prescription but I could thrive with my new lease on life.
I had my mastectomy and reconstruction performed by Dr. Calloway using new anatomically shaped implants that are extremely natural in appearance. Dr. Calloway performed an elegant surgery, and my results are actually better than my original breasts! I would never have believed it! Dr. Calloway and his staff are the best!

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